Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Dixon received her BFA from Oregon College of Art and Craft in 2014. She is weaving connection between the Conceptual and Avant-garde traditions of the Fine Art world and underground counterculture's Transformational Art. Her vision is to promote a conscious, syncretic, and integrated way of perceiving, and therefore creating, a reality in harmony with its true nature.


My joy is to move the soul and remind it of its rightful place in union with our mysterious, miraculous Universe. I strive to empower Women to embody the (re)emerging Heroine Archetype, which I believe has the power and potential to tip the grand scales into balance. I desire to liberate the concept of Art from all imposed limitations, and help illuminate its infinite capacity to heal.

The use of all the artistic mediums I employ is based in a conceptual process of harnessing of the all-knowing unconscious mind together with the focus of rational consciousness. I have found that this relationship gives an authentic voice unique to every individual who uses it, finding different and beautiful ways to express the collective desire of Humanity to be free. My multiple disciplines of painting, drawing, movement, language, and idea, are connected by the perpetual craft of my greatest masterpiece: personality.

The commitment is service, love, and gratitude. The method is fusion of intellect and intuition. The cause is global evolution through healing and awareness.